THAT’S DANGER! is a professional theatre production written by Dave Clarke. It introduces Junior High and Middle School students to their rights and responsibilities in the workplace. The play fits well with curriculum for Health/CALM (safety and responsibility, life roles and career development modules) and Knowledge and Employability (workplace readiness modules) for Junior High School.

THAT’S DANGER! is offered FREE OF CHARGE to Alberta junior high schools.

About the play

THAT’S DANGER! is fast-paced, funny, thought-provoking, and features real stage magic. The play takes us into the world of a THE ASTOUNDING JULIAN, an over-the-top magician. We also meet BENITA, his newly hired young Assistant, who is eager to do a good job on her first day despite the lack of a clear job description, questionable pay policies, and the growing sense of unease she feels at some of her boss’s remarks and actions. Moreover, the duties she is asked to perform seem downright dangerous.

Throughout the play, BENITA learns how to protect herself and stand up for her rights. Afterwards, issues in the play are debriefed and expanded on, with reference to Employment Standards, Human Rights and Occupational Health and Safety legislation, including the Right to Refuse Unsafe Work.

THAT’S DANGER! tours to your school. It is 60 minutes long including a post-show discussion with the actors and a representative from the Alberta Workers’ Health Centre.

Teachers and students are also provided with print and web resources for follow-up on issues in the play.

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