Working it Out

Beth Graham - playwright

Beth Graham – playwright

Working It Out is a professional theatre production by Beth Graham that explores all-too-real moments in young workers’ lives that have very real consequences in a dynamic and entertaining presentation.

Working It Out is suitable for ALL high school classes. The play explores issues covered in CALM and Work Experience courses, including the right to a safe workplace and the right to refuse imminent danger, workplace harassment and a variety of employment conditions covered by employment standards or union collective agreements.

Working It Out is offered FREE OF CHARGE to Alberta high schools.

About the Play

Sophie and Ben, who have recently become employees at a chain restaurant, The Pancake Garage, discover that work isn’t all they imagined or expected it to be. We follow them on this fast paced journey of their first few months on the job. We are also introduced to multiple characters – sometimes at breakneck speed – whose work stories open Sophie’s and Ben’s eyes to some challenging work place issues. Something has to be done. Something has to be said.

But what can they do?

Who can they turn to?

And how do they speak up?

Working It Out tours to your school. It is 60 minutes long including a post-show discussion with the actors and a representative from the Alberta Workers’ Health Centre.

Teachers and students are also provided with print and web resources for follow-up on issues in the play.

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Alex Dawkins

Alex Dawkins as SOPHIE

Michelle Diaz

Michelle Diaz as SERENA / AMBER

Jacob Holloway

Jacob Holloway as DARCY / KOLIA

Beth Grieve


Marshall Vielle

Marshall Vielle as BEN